Sunday, 26 December 2010

Algonquin Scale Creep

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, the run up to which saw any real chance to proceed with this project come to a grinding halt!

I did receive the Eureka Powhatan from Fighting 15's a couple of weeks back, but unfortunately, whilst they are excellently sculpted miniatures, generally they do not fit in well with the Conquest, or even larger Galloping Major. The latter are probably the nearest to the standard heroic 28mm we see from the likes of Artizan, the major problem being that I will have to get the Green Stuff out and convert quite a few (not a major problem as I was expecting this to be the case from day one). The Conquest figures are similar height wise but slimmer, I think I'll probably get away with using them with the Galloping Major ones, possibly as adolescent warriors. Some of the Eureka could also be used as such but they are noticeably shorter and slimmer than the Galloping Major ones.

(photo Front Rank Figurines IND11 to 13 Woodland Indians)

Consequently I have been on the hunt again for Algonquin and came across the Front Rank Figurines range that I understand are compatible with the Galloping Major figures. Again most are armed with muskets, but there are a handful without and I can convert some of those with. An order will be sent out in the New Year...

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Whilst my Galloping Major Algonquin have turned up, I'm still waiting on the Eureka ones so will hold off doing a review until the Royal Mail decides to deliver them. In the meantime I thought I'd bring a free set of rules and supporting blog to your attention.

Although Brytenwalda is an 'Age of Arthur' dark ages set, it is the kind of warband style game I'd like to do with New Worlde. I haven't managed to do anything much than download them and browse the blog, but they look interesting and might well encourage me to dig out the old Foundry Arthurian miniatures I bought many moons ago.