Monday, 22 November 2010

A New Worlde...

That Christopher Columbus "discovered" America in 1492 is now recognised as being bunk by historians. It is widely accepted that almost 500 years earlier Vikings landed and built at least one settlement in Vinland (Newfoundland). There are other stories of the "discovery" of America before Columbus, by fishermen from Bristol in the 15th century, Irish monks in the 6th century and Welsh Prince Madoc in 1170...

The legend of Madoc is interesting and inspired Mike Owen and myself (back in 1997) to discuss the possibility of using it as the basis of a set of wargames rules set in a mythical Medieval America with battles between the Welsh, the Norse (who had successfully settled on the Eastern seaboard) and the indigenous Algonquin tribes. The idea was further expanded by discussing the idea of including mythological peoples and creatures from the three groups.

Initially I did a lot of background work on the game (tying Madoc's journey in with an effort to save the Thirteen Treasures of Britain from the English) and Matthew Hartley wrote a draft set of skirmish level rules, but for one reason and another the idea progressed no further.

However, the concept is (I feel) a pretty interesting one, so in an effort to progress the idea further I've set up this blog to help develop the idea and who knows, maybe we'll see New Worlde published sometime in the future.

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