Sunday, 28 November 2010

Powhatan and Huron

Thanks to Kolbold for pointing me in the direction of Eureka's Powhatan (an Algonquin tribe). An order has gone off to Fighting 15's for the ten figures (which include a useful shaman).

(photo Eureka Miniatures 100 POW01/03 Powhatan Raiding Party)

Last night I also came across Galloping Major Wargames who do some lovely FIW figures including a useful looking Huron command pack which look like the muskets can be easily replaced by spears and hand weapons.

(photo Galloping Major Wargames FIW HUR3 Huron Command & Characters)

I also found Old Glory US do a great pack of thirty 'Natives with bows' in their FIW range, although I can't find them on the Old Glory UK website so have emailed them to ascertain their availability in the old country...

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