Tuesday, 23 November 2010


I've been scouring the 'net for suitable miniatures for New Worlde and have decided that as Mike was involved in the original idea that it was only fair that I use miniatures he has sculpted as far as is possible. Consequently I will be ordering some packs of Artizan vikings soon.

(photo Artizan Designs VIK002 Bondi spearmen)

As the level of the game will tend to focus on skirmishes and raids I'll be looking to create warbands of around twenty figures so a couple of packs of bondi and maybe a command pack should do for starters. I can't imagine that the Vinlanders would have much in the way of chain armour and the technology level of natives would generally preclude its regular use. That said for monster hunting and larger battles I would guess they would dust off the few precious pieces they have.

Given the Norse will have been in America for nearly two centuries at the time of the game I am also planning to add some local touches such as some odd feathers for decoration and maybe some Algonquin weapons...

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